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Alex Montoya
President, Liberty Specialty Markets US, Bermuda and and LatAm

“Your skills, what makes you different, put you aside from the group and put you ahead”


That’s the type of vision Alexander Montoya had when he began working for and learning in cities like London and working through Europe. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with my good friend Alexander Montoya, President US, Bermuda and Latin America at Liberty Specialty Markets. He has had the entrepreneur spirit since a very young age describing some of his first experiences in the field already in high school working with a neighbor and his dad selling medicinal supplies and having his first taste of a corporation. That same drive and foresight led him to create a business selling calculators and school supplies needed at his first year of college. Going as far as setting up bank accounts and asking for loans and shipments of the calculators, there was no doubt Alexander was going places. Next up was the bar he and his friends bought and ran during college, getting to the point where they began expanding and franchising. While his more professional career path was taking place, he left Colombia and went to work over Europe as an insurance broker, learning the field and adopting it well. He has had an eye for solutions and an even better one for profiting from it and now he sees life in the longer term. Looking for more philanthropic means and problems of international importance it seems that Alexander is only looking up in a hungry pace. 


“I took two, three, good ideas and I have implemented them through each business I have had”

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