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Antonio Ecarri
Presidente, Casa del Lápiz.

“La educación es asunto de toda la sociedad, de todo un país”


This is what Antonio Ecarri had to say about educational affairs. This week on Learning with Leaders, I had the pleasure to speak with Antonio Ecarri, a lover of history and an avid promoter for education and its values. He learned the values of mutual respect and understanding as he lived his life in the rural towns and then moved to the city to continue his education. He saw his country around him and saw how “Venezuela was focused on too many old stigmas, values and beliefs” that had rendered the country stagnant. He strongly emphasizes how a 21st century education is what the country needs: an education that impregnates all aspects of society, one in a macro state with no age, one that helps you find yourself and develop as a person learning more with every day. At Colegio Carabobo, he told me of the experience that marked him forever when speaking of his first college election. His club that had helped many students won the votes not because he was popular or had given students gifts, but because he helped others and proved himself and his party to be good caring people. The experience strengthened his beliefs for social integration, solidarity and the power of education as he remembers,  


“Votaron por mi porque yo los ayudaba enseñándoles”

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