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Gisela Scaglia
Diputada, Gobierno de Argentina.

"Vamos a romper los moldes".


That’s what Gisela Scaglia said when recalling how she felt when she took the initiative and switched careers to what her true passion has been, becoming a politician. In this episode of Learn from Leaders, I sit down with Gisela Scaglia, a congresswoman for the province of Santa Fe in Argentina and a member of the Cambiamos team. She touched on a lot of the journey and the twists and turns that she has had in her life and finding out what she wanted to pursue. Born from the rural lands in Argentina, Gisela never shied from hard work. She soon went to college in Universidad Nacional de Rosario, where she initially went to study as a nutritionist, but then went where her heart yearned, which was for social policy. With a sad twist of fate, the 2001 crisis in Argentina made her move back to her hometown, but soon after, she got the chance to return to Buenos Aires and form her political career. With the advice and help from former Argentine President Macri, Gisela has created her path amid adversity and obstacles. With that, she has proven to enact the most change and the most help for her loved province of Santa Fe.


“No desaproveches las oportunidades”

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