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Juan Carlos Ortiz
CEO, DDB Latina.

“Nunca sabrás que pico hay detrás si no escalas el que esta de frente” 


Exactly the mindset that Juan Carlos Ortiz uses to focus in on his obstacles at hand and maintain an edge on the future. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with my friend Juan Carlos Ortíz President and CEO of DDB Latina, and former president of Leo Burnett USA. He describes to me his first obstacle which became an opportunity: being the middle child of four, of not having a definitive place in his family, but of having the freedom to make a name for himself and explore. While his family always thought he would become a lawyer or enter a much safer career he instead decided to go down communications. Fascinated when he was young by storytelling and the way that humans communicate in mass, he showed himself to be different from the rest and especially in confrontation. He recalls the first-time making money and his experience when being confronted by older competitors who were willing to hurt him to maintain their place. It was small teachings from these experiences, his family, and his willingness to take chances and risks for what he wanted that lead him to be so well equipped for life. Studying in a top university in Cuba to acquiring a job at Leo Burnett and quickly becoming essential for that business, his outstanding work led him to DDB and to continue his career in ever growing pace. A lover of learning, of books, and of life Juan Carlos knows one thing more than anything else, nothing is more important than family. 


“Nunca olvides lo que es fundamental y lo que no lo es”

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