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Luis Almagro
General Secretary, OEA.

“Un líder, tiene que ser primero que nada un ejemplo” 


Words that Luis Almagro not only lives but embodies completely. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with Luis Almagro who is an Uruguayan lawyer, diplomat, and politician, currently serving as the 10th Secretary General of the Organization of American States. He also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2010 and 2015, during the Presidency of José Mujica. From humble and modest beginnings in the countryside of Uruguay he formed his character, one of honesty, compassion, and modesty. He was not born into a family of lawyers or diplomats, as he recalls he toyed with the idea of soccer as a career, yet the life of a statesman called to him. From his learning in class and experiences in different nations such as Iran and Germany he has seen politicians of all caliber and recognition. His sense of direction through life has always made him take the harder, tougher climb becoming one of the biggest fighters for justice and freedom in the Venezuelan crisis. While politicians and lawyers tend to choose other politicians and lawyers as role models, Almagro recalls in seconds who his has been, Muhammad Ali. A fighter for values first, and a fighter in his career second just like Almagro has been through his journey to where he is today. 


“No es tan difícil saber lo que esta bien y lo que esta mal en esta vida… que la gente elija por comodidad y por interés no hacer lo correcto, es otra cosa."

Luis Almagro General Secretary, OEA.
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