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Nelson Mezerhane

“Todo en la vida tiene un riesgo”

This is what Nelson Mezerhane said when speaking about the teachings he still holds true and dear from his father. This week on Learn from Leaders, I got to speak with Nelson Mezerhane who shared with me the importance of staying true to yourself and your values. The teachings he learned from his father who started from nothing and made his fortune still resonate with him today; the importance of perseverance, and the importance of risk taking. It is not enough to just have a foundation of education, but to never give up and to take risks and earn your rewards. The value of merit was taught from a young age and he believes this to be integral for his success. Mezerhane had been faced with the Venezuelan corrupt government and lost his assets, was wrongfully convicted, and had to seek political refuge, but he was able to overcome these difficulties and create IDEA. This organization seeks to help promote, educate and advance democracy worldwide. He took his father’s teachings and persevered as he says,

“El Mundo da vueltas y si no te mueves con el mundo, el mundo te deja atrás”

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