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Oscar Carvallo
Fashion Designer.

u“Yo creo que todo esta en la manera en la que te posiciones en la Sociedad”


This is why Oscar Carvallo changed his path from law in Venezuela to being an innovative Haute fashion designer in Paris, Milan, and Miami. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders,” I sit down with my good friend Oscar Carvallo, he is the fashion designer and founder of [FREE], Oscar Carvallo Paris, and his line “SOS.” Renowned worldwide and especially in Latin America for his creative blend of elegance and sophistication along with his Venezuelan roots. His beginnings are unusual for that of an Haute designer, born in Caracas with a knack for fashion, but with family in law, he tried to keep with family tradition, so he became a lawyer. While at law school, Oscar realized that his true love and passion in life were that of fashion and elegance. He finished law school but went on to open up a workshop where he began to enter slowly into the fashion world. With great teachers such as the late Guy Meliet, his talent shined through, and soon enough, he was renowned in Venezuela. However, his dreams were larger than his home, and he soon got the chance to study fashion in Milan and later found career opportunities in Paris. He was now in the heart of Haute fashion, redefining and perfecting his skills while being surrounded by the very best in the fashion and modeling industry. While still in love with French elegance and culture, he has now turned to a new chapter in his career, moving closer to home and creating [FREE], his first ready-to-wear brand with its flagship store in Miami. Carvallo will never seize to innovate and surprise the fashion industry with his ever adapting takes on designing and his common link between his works being the ideal and beauty of the Venezuelan woman.


“Cuando ves el imperio de cerca te dices: I want to be there!”

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