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Paula Maria Bertol
Former Ambassador to Argentina, OEA.

“Mujeres! Siéntese en la mesa” 


That call to action is sent from Paula Maria Bertol to those women in the world that want to get ahead and might feel afraid to rise to their potential. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with Paula Maria Bertol, an Argentine lawyer and politician, she was a legislator for the City of Buenos Aires, Deputy of the Argentine Nation, and she was Permanent Representative of Argentina to the Organization of American States. From a young age in Buenos Aires, her family history in politics and law influenced her path and career goal pushing forward the agenda of justice and the wellbeing of Argentines and Latin Americans as a whole. She began integrating herself in her political career due to the hand of fate while studying in law school she encountered a member in the Federal Party, who gave her that foot in the door to greater things. She became vital for the party and later went forward with the PRO party in its early stages with later president Mauricio Macri. She won the position as a legislator in Buenos Aires and later on would gain the position of Ambassador for Argentina in the OEA. She has fought her way to leadership positions throughout her career in a world dominated by men who didn’t afford her the respect she has earned, yet she managed to persevere through them all and fight on showing herself to be a symbol for the next generation of smart and strong women. 

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