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Ramón Muchacho
Ex-Alcalde de Chacao

“It was what I fought hard for, but the stakes were too high”


This is what Ramon Muchacho said about his position as mayor of the Chacao district in Caracas, Venezuela during his first 100 days in office. Ramon Muchacho had the difficult task of running the downtown central district, the epicenter for the protests, in the capital during the country’s most explosive time. In our conversation he recalls his earlier days when he would show his friends around his office and point out grenade damage or bullet holes from riots and protests from the previous night. Even with all this danger and turmoil, he never doubted that this was his career path and what he loved most. As a kid, he said he was always intrigued by financial and political matters and pursued his interests in college studying law and finance. Muchacho’s life has been filled with challenges and political turmoil, but that has never affected his spirit. He lost his first campaign, but during that time of defeat, he realized that this was truly his path and that this is what he was here for. Once as mayor, he never once sacrificed his values and principles and instead chose to defy the politically corrupt government and face the consequences: jail or exile. He had to leave the country and seek refuge as other political opponents had been taken from their homes and incarcerated unwarranted. His biggest motivation is his “anchor” as he calls it; people who he cares the most about, 


“Who you turn to in hardships, even if they’re not physically there, they’re fundamental.”

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