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Reid Zeising

“I ran into no, no, no and I never took no”


That’s what Reid Zeising had to say about his experience early in his career when he was chosen to do a reverse triangular merger for the company, instead of just taking no as an answer, he figured it out for himself. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with Reid Zeising, Founder & CEO of Cherokee Funding and Gain Servicing. He opens up about his experience as a kid being born in Detroit but moving to Tokyo when he was five and moving all over the world seeing new places all throughout his life. So, it is no surprise when his company at the time asked if he would be interested in moving to London from New York to start the new branch he took them up on it. His years of international travel let him see how close the world really is and how we are all humans only our cultures are different. He also recalls one of his biggest failures was actually a victory; after he won a long takeover of a business, he described the day he won the fight as the loneliest day in his life. It proved to also be a financial burden in the long run, but that burden also became one of the things he is proudest of in his career, because at that moment he realized what mistakes he has made and went about fixing that honorably. He didn’t get a bailout from the banks, he didn’t put creditors at risk, he worked hard to pay it back. It seems that through his career Reid has proven himself to fight the good fight and now works in what he feels is most worthwhile at Cherokee funding helping those in need. 


“The idea that the world is a zero-sum game is a fallacy”

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