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Scott Moss
CEO, Moss.

“Strategy, Structure, People, Process, and Scale”


That is what Scott Moss views as his talent and abilities as CEO of Moss Construction and how he turned his father’s construction company into an industry powerhouse. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with my good friend Scott Moss CEO of Moss construction. We dove into Scott’s world, what it is to have completely redesigned the skyline of Miami, to construct not just some of the largest and most beautiful buildings in the city, but one of the largest construction companies in South Florida. From his young beginnings in the construction career he learned the value of the industry and understood new approaches to better his business. He and his father wanted to make sure that the level of restriction from bureaucracy in other companies wouldn’t take place in MOSS, and more importantly that the employees are family. This new approach allowed them to overcome the 2008 financial crisis and to expand their business to new highs by 2011 and following years. Scott turned a simple company idea to a household name in South Florida and has spread it across the nation. If there is one thing that Scott said that can truly express MOSS’s exponential growth and their company’s mindset it would be: 


“Always closing”

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