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Serial Entrepreneur

Branding and Strategic Communications


With more than 25 years in business, founding DLB Group Worldwide, RDLB, and Freedom Social Technology, overseeing the development of remarkable, award-winning brands, campaigns, and products, in the European, Asian, American, and LATAM markets.


As Founder of DLBGroup, he was able to grow the company from a single office in Latam to seven different operations including Italy, Spain, Miami & New York. Serving multinational brands like Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Turner, Cartoon Network, CNN, among others. After ten years he was able to sell the group to private investors.


As the Founder of RDLB, the focus was different. De La Blanca built a company that perfectly combines consulting strategy with art and creativity, exclusively in the US market, serving companies from $50 million to $3 billion. RDLB was inspired by becoming, The Home of Creatives - a unique place for artists, designers, animators, and all types of creative minds to come and develop fascinating and award-winning campaigns. Headquartered in Miami but with talent working from the US, Italy, Spain, & France. 


His passion for art and design fuels a quest for knowledge, constantly inspiring him to propel businesses to their market potential. Because of his love, for growth and education, he launched the "Learn from Leaders" podcast during the onset of the pandemic, attracting notable figures such as presidents, corporate executives, and political activists. Also taking the time to write on market insights and political subjects on esteemed papers like El Estimulo, El Nacional, and El Espectador, in the hopes of spreading hard-earned knowledge to young entrepreneurs.


Due to his exposure in different markets, he was also requested for the development of political campaigns. Working in the field he discovered a business opportunity in developing a system to digitalize political parties. The groundbreaking venture, Freedom Social Technology, is a Political Application and Campaign Firm dedicated to championing democracy on a global scale. Freedom was finally materialized during De La Blanca’s participation in the YPO President’s Program at Harvard Business School.


De La Blanca is also an active collaborator with esteemed political institutions and organizations such as the International Democrat Union (IDU), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), Union de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA), and International Institute for Democracy (IDEA) serving to advance democratic principles across the world.

Harvard Business School, January 2019

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