Innovar es una necesidad. La innovación nace del mix de ideas con tecnología y conocomiento. La clave está en construir sobre una base para luego ir mejorándola… en otras palabras: pivotar! Eso es lo que lleva a la innovación. 


Armamos este programa para aprender de quienes están detrás de los conceptos que están transformando el futuro y cómo pivotean para seguir innovando.

Nicolás García Mayor


“Yo veo la vida como bendiciones o lecciones.” 


In this first episode of PIVOTeANDO, we have had the great pleasure of meeting with Nicolas Garcia Mayor, founder and CEO of Cmax Systems. His story from very humble beginnings and his rise through self-education and experiences has given him wisdom beyond his young age. He recounts his personal experiences from living in a modest home, playing only with cardboard toys and snails to then his time in an abandoned hospital as he began to grow and work through his career path. One step after another he has not just overcome obstacles, but appreciated what they are, lessons in a grand scheme of life. It was with those same lessons and experiences that he has been able to apply unto his businesses and projects. Always figuring out how to learn from his mistakes and to help others in the pursuit of his goals. Calling him a humanitarian would not do him enough justice to the impact he has had in this world. 


“No puedes hacer una gran empresa siendo una mala persona”.

Omar Arab


“Para innovar tienes que salir del estatus quo, de la zona de confort, no hay que tener miedo al fracaso, a romper las reglas” 


That is how Omar Arab formulates his career in the tossing and turning of the financial, technological, and political world in which he has managed to create a name and position for himself in. In this episode of “PIVOTeANDO” we are joined by Omar Arab, Executive Vice President of Corporate Business at VeriTran. His life story is fascinating, the grandson of a Syrian immigrant moving during World War Two to Mendoza, Argentina he began to make a name for himself in selling groceries. The business that his grandfather and then father worked on became well known all throughout Argentina and gave Omar a glimpse of that entrepreneur field. From breaking the rules, a bit as a kid by learning rock & roll to then becoming radically different from his family and going off to study at Stanford, Omar has been defying that status quo. He learned and invested on that education as much as he could and has taken all the chances, he has to stay ahead such as learning about the internet before its explosion and gaining from it. Turning over to financial technology world he has continued to grow that drive to be on the cutting edge, of pushing forward what we know and what we are yet to find out.  


“Las personas están en cuatro modos: on, off, mute, y love”

Daniel Lloreda


“Es un balance entre arte y sciencia” 


A critical way that Daniel Lloreda analyzes the potential and value of the companies which come his way. In this episode of PIVOTeANDO, we are joined by Daniel Lloreda, General Partner/Founder, H20 Capital Innovation LLC. His great success at a young age can be attributed to his knack and willful eye for the right shots, as he recalls his time at Babson was primarily to sharpen students like himself to take chances and become an executive. With talent at networking and a hunger to make money from a young age, Daniel has always found ways to innovate and learn the markets. When he was little, he would buy candies from Costco on his trips to the U.S., and when he returned to Colombia, he would sell it to his classmates. The great thing about his company and where his career is facing is continuously in the pursuit of expanding, of finding those opportunities, stories, people that let him live a thousand lives and gives him the rush of starting from the ground up every time. His time, experience, and energy bring out the best in the businesses that he works on, and those same businesses really do bring out the best in himself.


“El Equipo es todo.”