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Freedom Social Technology born in 2017 at Harvard Business School during the YPO President Program, with the strong commitment to make Political Parties Worldwide more Democratic, Transparent and Open .



1.- You build a digital database with much more info about your followers. This database can be used to better learn from, reach and mobilize your grassroots: names, gender, location, age, type of affiliation with your organization or party and social media impact. 


Now your list of followers becomes your list of militants and can be strategically organized by any or several of these variables, and in this way, spread tailored messages and instructions in real time and recruit/ invite people to help you anytime. 


2.- You can have a focused and exclusive newsfeed for your party. A place focused on news, cross-learning, motivation, idea-sharing and idea-generation 100% on your party, agenda and events. Do not compete anymore with multi-content newsfeed or algorithms driven newsfeed. 


Now your exclusive newsfeed becomes your unlimited work room.  You can also keep your Party’s most relevant post on top 24/7. 


3.- You give every follower a face next to your Party’s flag. Every member profile is now a subscription to your party and a promise of team work. Boost the motivation and sense of belonging of every single follower and create a stronger and more democratic network.  


Now people’s profile (or members’ profiles) becomes Party badges. Give people space and room to be part of your party, to help grow the network and show their efforts. 

IRI Headquarters, Washington DC.

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