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Gonzalo Brujó
Global Chief Growth Officer, Interbrand.

“Yo no busco la perfección, si no el progreso” 


That’s how Gonzalo Brujó has managed to keep the pace of his meteoric rise as one of the largest growth officers in the world. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with my good friend Gonzalo Brujo, Global Chief Growth Officer at Interbrand and author of Lanmarq, En clave the Marcas, El Glossario de Las Marcas, and many more. He leads the regional corporate group, spearheading the growth agenda and supporting marketing and consulting efforts in the region. He described to me the origins of what gave him so much of the eye for brand and marketing. Well it began at a young age when he and his family were involved in a modelling agency for a family friend, he ended up making 17 prime time advertisements growing up, that integrated him into the marketing world and began his own personal brand. His next big and smart step was to study as much as he could, going off to Wheaton College, attending Harvard, the American University of Paris and the College for International studies in Madrid. Later going off to start in New York working at a small advertising agency (Green Team Advertising) as he recalls having to wipe the seats and floor to start his career and eating boiled eggs with his roommate. Humble beginnings turned out to pay off and he quickly enough became the Executive Vice-President with his eye on the Latin American market. His view on the changing influences in the business world leaned towards Latin American markets, resources, and opportunities, he soon enough began travelling to different nations in Latin America studying and working for companies. He literally wrote the book on it! Now he has taken this time to double down his efforts and resources as Global Chief Growth Officer in Interbrand and has continued to scale his businesses and dreams in a balance between his work and family. 


“En estos momentos es cuando vemos el valor de las personas, de las compañías, y de los líderes”

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