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Johana Bermudez
Diputada, Honduras.

“Durante la tormenta, Dios siempre está ahí”


That is exactly the attitude and belief that Dr. Johana Bermudez Lacayo has used to guide her through her extremely tumultuously life in Honduras and to get her to become the woman she is today. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sit down with Dr. Johana Bermudez Lacayo a specialist in internal medicine and dermatology, a master’s in public health, and the national manager of teaching and research at the IHSS. Dr. Johana B has had it harder than most, being born with an abusive and distant father and highly impoverished she had to make the most out of what little she did have. Luckily, she had a strong and optimistic mother who worked her hardest to get her into good schools, to believe in the future and to do whatever it takes to give her daughter a better life. Dr. Johana B recalls her experiences of moving and working at a very young age to get less than a dollar a month and still being grateful. Fighting just to even get into school she then excelled in her studies and worked towards a medicinal career. Never one to stop, she earned her diploma and became a prominent doctor and took the step further to become a politician for her nation of Honduras. Beginning at last and with little chance of winning, she overcame all expectations and won the election and began her prominent career as a politician. Never one to stop or to back down her experiences and obstacles made her what she is today, a force to be reckoned with. 


“En cada dificultad veo una oportunidad”

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