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Meryl Kennedy
Founder & CEO 4 Sisters Rice.

“A hunger not to be behind”


That's what Meryl Kennedy said when recalling her experience in her education and how she overcame her difficulties of starting practical school learning around second grade. In this episode of “Learn from Leaders” I sat down with Meryl Kennedy, Founder and CEO of 4sistersrice. While Meryl’s parents were extremely supportive of her independence and entrepreneurship abilities, her father in particular never saw the benefits of higher education learning. She recalled how her father reacted when she got into Oxford and how he wasn’t going to pay for such a school, yet she sees this decision now as a positive in hindsight. The practical learning and tools she gained from working and learning from her father are immeasurable and her own experience and failures have given her a view on what to do and not. That education has shown itself to be much more valuable than any classroom and that possibility at a young age has given her confidence to overcome anything that is set before her.


“You need confidence to make a mistake and to yet still be proud of yourself”

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